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Get the installation URL of WordPress

In some cases, it can be very helpful to use the WordPress installation URL for a PHP validation procedure. The following example shows how easily you can get the installation URL of WordPress by using a small PHP function. How do I get the correct URL of the WordPress installation? The following PHP function … Read More

Minify or compress CSS in PHP

For developers of plugins or themes, it is important to provide the included CSS (stylesheets) files to th … Read More

Minify and compress Javascript files in PHP

Loading time is an important factor in search engine optimization and for the user experience. Especially … Read More

Convert HEX color to RGBA color code in PHP

While working with theme or plugin options, in some cases we need to convert a hex (hexadecimal) color cod … Read More

Calculate the correct content width for the Gutenberg editor

The WordPress Gutenberg editor allows you to customize and edit web page content according to the frontend design. Gutenberg will share the frontend design experience of the website into the editor. A good starting point is to get the correct content width from the frontend view inside the editor, which can va … Read More

Add custom classes to the WordPress BODY tag

Anyone who develops their own theme with a customizable layout or settings a theme needs to add custom CSS … Read More

Set custom WordPress post format for custom post type

If you’re working with custom post types in WordPress, you may have noticed that all post formats fo … Read More

Remove date / time from WordPress comments

By default, the date and time of a comment are displayed in WordPress. Basically, it is always a theme dec … Read More