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Anonymize IP address of WordPress comments

In the context of the European privacy policy regulations some regulations for web page owners are to be considered. This includes, among other things, the anonymization of the IP address of commentators. Because according to privacy policy regulations, the IP address is a personal data. What can I do to stop … Read More

Remove the URL field in the WordPress comments form

As we know, comments are often misused by website visitors to get external links. Outgoing links are now a … Read More

Add WordPress images to the RSS feed

By default, if you have enabled the WordPress RSS feed, images will not be included in the RSS feed. Howev … Read More

Custom image sizes for your WordPress theme

WordPress has 5 default formats for image sizes, which are automatically created every time after uploadin … Read More

Customize the default WordPress Image Compression

WordPress uses its own compression for images that are uploaded directly into WordPress. This happens automatically every time you upload an image. By default, the compression level of 82% is used. This ensures that the file size of images is reduced, but the image quality is not compromised too much. How can … Read More

Customize or Modify the WordPress Post Excerpt

WordPress comes with own functions, such as get_the_excerpt() or the_excerpt(), to output a short version … Read More

Load WooCommerce Templates from Plugin files

By adding a ../wp-content/themes/my-theme/woocommerce/ folder to a WordPress theme, WooCommerce loads your … Read More