Convert HEX color to RGBA color code in PHP

While working with theme or plugin options, in some cases we need to convert a hex (hexadecimal) color code, which we get from a color picker field to the corresponding RGBA color code, e.g. to get a RGBA color value with the transparency for using in CSS.

How to convert hex to RGB or RGBA

How do I get the RGB or RGBA value if the stored option contains the hexadecimal color code? By passing a HEX color value to the following HEX2RGBA function, you will get the correct output for using in CSS like rgb(255,255,255) or rgba(0,0,0,0.5):

How do we use the function?

Within a template, we can now use the function by calling hex2rgba( $color ); to convert the HEX code to RGB or RGBA. The following example shows how we can use this function: