Remove date / time from WordPress comments

By default, the date and time of a comment are displayed in WordPress. Basically, it is always a theme decision how comments are displayed. Sometimes less is more and the commenting time should be removed in the design point of view.

How can I hide the date?

We use the WordPress filter get_comment_date to hide the date from the comments. To do this, including the following code snippet, for example into the functions.php file of your theme:

How can I remove the time from comments?

To additionally remove the time from the comments, we use the WordPress filter get_comment_time. The following code snippet is helpful for us:

A little more CSS and ready!

To completely remove everything from the WordPress comments metadata, it’s necessary to write a bit more CSS. Because a small part of the text output is still visible after including this two WordPress filters. Just add the following CSS snippet to the style.css file of your child theme.

That’s it! This will hide the date and time of each WordPress comment in the future.